At Katherine Richards Design we have a thoughtful approach to design. Our collective experience and repertoire of techniques means we are able to offer a bespoke design service, to enhance your interior or exterior.

From a hand-painted wall mural, a rug or piece of furniture, to a sculpted garden fountain

Katherine Richards Design pride themselves on high design and craftsmanship, collaborating with talented makers working in variety of disciplines. We are continually developing and creating new and exciting bespoke pieces for our clients


The beauty of creating a bespoke piece, is that we are given the opportunity to think outside the box and talk to you about your idea, working out the very best way to bring it to a reality. Whether it is a sculpture, a wall painting or a piece of imaginative cabinetry, we are always excited and ready to get going with research and drawings
Maybe you would like some interesting artwork created for your outside space? Or a fabulous hand-woven rug designed using colours which have been tailored specially to suit your space?
Whatever it is you are looking for; we look forward to meeting up to hear your ideas. Here are some of the projects KRD have been involved in


We think differently at KRD and welcome the idea of pushing creative boundaries with design for both indoor and outdoor
These are photos of a project in Spain for like-minded clients who gave Katherine the freedom to create. The results were stunning and our clients were thrilled

Excellent interpretation of Katherine’s drawings, a combination of skilled rendering and artistic touches of mosaic created a truly bespoke BBQ. Inspiration from the architectural style of Gaudi resulted in bringing quirky playfulness to the garden

This gently curved seating area wraps around the ancient tree. A beautiful inlay of hand-made Moroccan tiles brings it to life with colour and pattern

Katherine created these beautiful swirls and curls in render on the walls surrounding the main entranceway and she worked closely with the gardener to cut the planting into similar shapes alongside


We enjoy collaborating with other artists

On this Spanish project, a fantastic opportunity arose to work in conjunction with prolific sculptor and metal worker, Toni Mari. Katherine designed a series of railings and sculptural outdoor pieces for the client and worked closely with Toni, who brought the drawings a reality


Katherine is often onsite collaborating and hands on with other the tradespeople. On this part of the project she did the mosaic work with a co-worker

This mosaic fountain was a unique addition to the entranceway. Quirky in shape and form, lit up at night and a fun injection of colour in the sunshine


Katherine’s experience as a set designer naturally influences our projects. She is able to create beautiful, colourful designs to suit your space

This cabinetry was designed and hand painted by Katherine. A wonderful way to compliment the much-loved painting above. It is a good example of how cohesive bespoke design can dovetail beautifully, using existing pieces which are held dear to the client

Here we have a few examples of a strikingly bold, geometric design in a gym, soft, curves and waves in a Mediterranean bedroom, a gentle but bold wall design and a detail of the corner of a table top

Whatever your requirement, Katherine will welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the possibilities


We thoroughly enjoy designing and building the perfect storage space, an unusual desk or interesting shelving. Storage is an important factor to consider on any project and at KRD we like to think creatively and offer bold and unusual suggestions and ideas