Katherine Richard colour consultancy Sus

Our homes and the colours we choose are the backdrop to our lives

Do you find it difficult when choosing the right colours for your home?

Would you like to feel bolder in your choices, but are afraid to do so?

Does the thought of making a mistake force you into making compromised colour decisions?

We will give you the confidence to make the right colour choices to transform your home into a relaxed, well balanced and harmonious environment.

Choosing the right colour is the first and most important way to create a relaxed, well balanced and harmonious environment and at Katherine Richards Colour we will give you the guidance and ideas to choose the perfect shade of colour for any of your spaces.

The service we offer is detailed and specifically tailored to you and your family, paying particular attention to the way in which the light plays in the room and the fine differences between shades and subtle hues of colour.

A visit to your home will help us to understand how you use each space and give you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ideas with us.

We will make inspiring suggestions using our own specially designed colour palette and the results are bound to bring uplifting comfort and a sense of wellbeing.

£150 per hour for up to 2 rooms.

For further details  please contact: 01273 386560 or info@katherinerichards.co.uk

Katherine Richard colour consultancy Sus